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Why to choose D-Plus Printing Co?

  • Excellent customer service looking out for the CUSTOMER's interest.
    D-PLUS's goal is to be the very best full service printing provider in the region.
  • CONVINIENCE: in order to keep the low price level and customer convenience, every printing process is solved locally (planning, graphic, photo shooting, preparation, layout, image setting, printing, binding, packaging etc)
    The D-PLUS printing Co is a flexible business, which optimally serves companies with lower budget orders, from the small number of copies (up to 10-20 pieces) to hundreds of thousands of orders.
  • D-PLUS QUALITY: full service, S.O.S fast, reliable printing service
  • VALUE: Our highly qualified professionals are ready to assist your business success with outstanding quality work.
  • Our professional printing products help you to grow your business.

Why to choose D-Plus Printing Co?

  • You do not pay until convinced that the quality of our work meets your expectations
  • Our ecological footprint is not increased: we use environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Our company is a family business launched in 1991
  • 100 % customer satisfaction index. Check icon for references.
  • No off-shore support
D-PLUS Printing Local printing companies online nyomdák
Economic printong From short run to thousands copies Not guaranteed Variable
Always meet deadlines Guaranteed Rarely Not guaranteed
Full service Yes, it is guaranteed Variable Rarely
Quality printing Yes, it is guaranteed Not guaranteed Not probably
Full machine fleet Yes, it is guaranteed Subcontracting Outsourcing
Prices Persistently low Not guaranteed Hidden costs
Home delivery Yes, it is included Variable Not guaranteed
Satisfaction guarantee Yes, 100% Variable Not probably
Green printing Yes, it is guaranteed Variable Not guaranteed

Hopefully, you forgive us for this (perhaps biased) comparison, but these are facts. Of course your impressions may be different, but we say with confidence: you cannot find such a coordinated worklover team than D-PLUS.

D-PLUS Printing Co's technological capability the leading professionally provides you with, ensures you the experience and the lowest prices for printing!

Are you still not sure that D-PLUS is the best choice?

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Just read our customer's comments...

We always received answers to our quotation requests In no time.. Their price structure is really favorable. Quite few Tarandus publications have rolled off from their binding machines. They always read thru our materials with a fine comb and suggest appropriate corrections.’’

Ildikó Szalay, Tarandus Publishing CO | bővebben...

... We have been working with the D-PLUS Printing Co. since 2010; We have them printing our they print our architectural magazine of high standard, and our journal for construction professionals. The reason why we have been sticking to D-PLUS, is their high quality products and their utmost flexibility.’’

Bethlenfalvy Gábor, Artifex Kiadó | bővebben...


Full scale printing services

  • preparation
  • page setting
  • proofreading
  • digital proof
  • sheet offset printing
  • offset lacquering
  • UV lacquering
  • UV form lacquering
  • foiling
  • embossing
  • gold embossing
  • folding
  • stiching
  • binding
  • hard binding
  • sew binding
  • grooving
  • perforating
  • punching
  • personalizing
  • numbering